This is a draft list of boats involved in the rescue on 10 April 1968, compiled by Wahine 50 Trustee, John Brown, who skippered the harbour board launch Tiakina.
If you know of a boat and/or crew who are missing please contact us.

Boat First Name Name Role Notes Current mooring
Aiwa J Lysaght   RPNYC  
Altair Graeme Moore   RPNYC  
Arahina Doug Newey Pilot launch master    
Jock  Cain Engineer     
Derek Varley Deputy Fire Chief    
John Bowman        
Paul Doggett        
2 x Firemen        
Aramoana Capt Doug Newey Harbour Board Pilot    
Aramoana LB 1 John  King Aramoana 2nd mate    
Aramoana LB 2 Charles Ernest  Graham Aramoana 1st mate    
Ray Nunns 4th Engineer    
Aramoana LB Arthur Elliot Cook    
Eddie Smith Motorman    
Capella Penwill  James Moore   40 ft yacht Mana
Carnatic Lifeboat          
Chinchilla Chris Harris   RPNYC  
Jack Harris   RPNYC  
Corinthic Lifeboat          
Cuda Joe Brown      
Cyril Austin      
Golden Star       Fishing boat  
HMNZS Manga David Nisbet Price Commander until 1500    
John Bernard Smith  Commander after 1500    
Graham Brown Crew from California Star    
Jeff Sayer      
Bruce Passmore Crew from California Star    
Michael (Mick) Betts Crew from California Star    
9 x California Star Crew        
1 x Policeman        
Ho Ho       Fishing boat  
Kokoru Russell MacKay   RPNYC Wellington
Steve Anderton      
2 x crew         
2 x Policeman        
Kotare E Broberg      
Maru Malcolm  Yates      
Alun Williams      
Miranda Bill Edmunston      
Miss Europa Pat  McIntyre   Worser Bay Surf Club  
      Worser Bay Surf Club  
Nanette Jack Maddever   RPNYC Waikawa
Nereides Alan Pain RPNYC Yacht skipper   Auckland
Joan Ward Crew    
Peter Ward Crew    
New Fish 1       Fishing boat  
No name Garry Walker Boat owner    
No name Jim Toulis   16 ft boat  
No name Bill Bell   16ft boat  
No name Colin  Athea   16 ft boat  
No name Ted Colgan      
No name Stephen  Phillips      
No name Dave Shaw   Fishing boat  
No name Jim King   Fishing boat Rescued 7  
No name John Hair   Fishing boat  
No name John Sarginson 17 year old schoolboy    
No name Bruce  Mitchell   18 yo  
No name Peter  Webster   17 ft boat  
No name George  Boswell   Seatoun  
No name Stuart Young   16 ft boat Swamped  
Pelagian Doug Catley   RPNYC  
Portland        Coastal Scow  
Pugwash ?  Tony  Coard   Small boat Worser Bay  
Rangimarie Rod Campbell   RPNYC  
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Paddy Cranston Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Jack Maddox Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Allan Williams Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Thomas Adrian Rowe Airport Fire Boss    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Graham Harris Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Terry Kelliher Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Malcolm Yates Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Ron Edmonds Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 – inflatable Zodiac Hank Duba Airport Fireman    
Rescue 1 Lawrence  Perry Ambulance Driver    
Rewanui Gerald Barton Gibbons RPNYC Yacht Skipper   Clyde Quay, Wellington
John Gibbons Crew    
Brian Barraclough Crew    
Brendon Gilmore Crew    
Ruawaka George  Fisher   RPNYC United Kingdom
San Antonio Carl Muollo Skipper Fishing boat  
San Constanza       Fishing boat  
Saucy Sal Jack  Cox (then owner) Skipper unknown Clyde Quay, Wellington
Sea Reaper George Gardiner   Fishing boat crew  
Seaway Digby Foggin Skipper Fishing boat  
Norman O Connor Crew Fishing boat  
Seawyf       Trawler  
Shiralee Hugh Barton   RPNYC  
Southern X LB          
Success B Daniels   Scow  
Surf Ski Ken  Mitchell   Worser Bay Surf Club  
Surf Ski Murray  Haxton   Maranui Surf Club  
Surf Boat Christopher Wyn Billing   Worser Bay Surf Club  
Tahi Miranda Gerry  Devitt Yacht skipper    Boat swamped in rescue operation. No loss of life.
Jack Lysaht      
Nick Cass      
Ted Colgan      
John Taylor Tug skipper, Pres. Shipping Union    
Bill Martin Assisting, Secr. Shipping Union    
Les Barber Assisting    
Stan Hicks Tug engineer    
Keith (Peter) Mitchell Assisting 4th pilot WHB    
Gibson Sandy Off-duty 3rd mate Wahine    
6 x wharfie gang        
Tapuhi Athol  Olsen Tug skipper    
Maurice Johnson Deck hand    
Cyril Sword Tug pilot    
Phil Thompson Deck Hand    
Austin Luke Tug Engineer    
Des Lawler Deck Hand    
Neil Robertson Deck Hand    
Te Aroha         Scow
Tiakina John Brown Launch skipper/pilot   Dunedin
Bill Galloway Galloway Dep Harbour Master    
Jack Rawlinson      
Ian Feetham      
Lockie McLean      
Jack Sellars      
Tina Barney Daniel   Small launch  
Tirohia William  McQueen   Victoria University launch  
3 x seamen        
2 x navy        
Tuna Bob Oliver   Harbour Board Diver  
Sonny Morunga   Harbour Board Diver  
Vagabond   Holmes   RPNYC  
Vega J Hadfield Smith   RPNYC Auckland
Venture /r Jimmy Imach   Fishing Boat Skipper  
Vivaci William Keith Bowe   16 ft boat  
Trevor (14yo) Bowe      
Bill (16yo) Bowe      
W B Rescue Boat Kerry D Leydon   Worser Bay Boating Club  
Maurice Crisp      
Bob McIntyre      
Wahine LB S1 Grahame Nobblet   Swamped in channel  
Wahine LB S2 Phillip Bennett   Seatoun  
Wahine LB S3 Terrance Victory   Eastbourne  
Wahine LB S4 Thomas Dartford   Seatoun